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Your personalized cosmetics, freshly prepared at home in minutes!

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The Emuage application communicates with the machine and improves the user experience: list of products manufactured so far, manufacturing process, list of ingredients to print, suggestions of ingredients based on your lifestyle.

La gamme

The skincare line

This line is composed of a wide range of textures for your skin to discover new sensations for every new product you will create.

All oils are from vegetable origin, they have been selected from organic farming and fair trade associations.

As for every line, you will have to choose the product type (texture), active ingredients and fragrance.

Let your imagination guide you and listen to your skin: what do you really need right now? An anti-redness face elixir? An anti-eyebags  serum? Unless you prefer the anti-dark spots fluid with raw sugar fragrance…  You can even add an immediate lifting active ingredient to you creation.


With more than 15 textures available, 20 fragrances and 20 actives ingredients capsules, this line alone allows you to create more than 100000 unique combinations!

La gamme

fond ecran responsive

The shower line

This line is dedicated to your pleasure. Colorful textures, combined with a great choice of fragrances, allow you to create fancy products to make your shower feel like a new world at every new creation.
Efficacy has not been forgotten either, with a wide range of natural plant and fruit extracts, simply select them to fit your needs: add more shine to your hair? Leave your skin hydrated after the shower? Protect your hair color?
Shampoo, creamy shower gel, after-shampoo, lactescent oil, hair mask… express your creativity as a cosmetic formulation artist!

CES 2018

Exclusive offers

Emuage will soon be available for sale!

To benefit from our exclusive offers during the pre-sales period, please send us a message with your email address. You will then belong to the original Emuage community and will get numerous benefits.

Foire aux questions

  • Isn’t it bad for the environment to use capules to make cosmetic products?

    Our capsules are made of recycable PET. We count on you to make this process eco-friendly! Just discard the capsules in the dedicated plastic waste container. Bisides, the bottle used for the finished cosmetic product is reusable.

  • Why use this machine rather than purchasing existing products?

    It is for the same reason that make people want to cook their own good fresh homemade meals rather than industrial meals. Emuage allows to make actual fresh cosmetics by emulsifying raw ingredients with water. The use of an airless bottle, along with the immediate use of the product after manufacturing, make it possible to reduce the amount of preservatives. Molecules in the final product are intact and did not interact for several long months of storage. It is also the best way to personalize cosmetic products while choosing its active ingredients, fragrance and texture. Finally, the user is free to choose the ingredients they want, free to make more natural products.

  • How do I know the composition of the products I create? Are ingredients from natural origin?

    Every capsule has a detailed description on our online shop (available soon) with the list of ingredients, their origin and efficacy. Emuage has a goal to offer the largest choice of natural and fair ingredients. In order to get some specific effects, natural ingredients are not always sufficient however: in that case the synthetic origin is clearly mentioned in the description, as well as its safety. Emuage does not in any case use ingredients from petrochemistry or substances that are harmful to the environment such as PEGs.

  • How long does it take to make a cosmetic product with Emuage ?

    It takes from 3 to 10 minutes, however during that time you are free! Just insert the capsules, press the button and do what you like…

  • How can I be sure about the efficacy of the products made with the machine?

    The product freshness is a guarantee that active molecules have not interacted and remain available for maximum efficacy. Each active ingredient has undergone several efficacy tests with measurable endpoints, detailed test results will soon be available on our website for each of them.

  • I do not want any fragrance in my products because I have a sensitive skin. Is it possible?

    Yes, you simply need to skip to fragrance capsule on the touch screen.

  • Isn’t it cheaper to buy existing products or to make cosmetics at home manually?

    It is more expensive to buy existing products. For an equivalent quality and efficacy, Emuage offers a much lower price as compared to the current maket, simply because you become the manufacturer for your own products and because capsules only contain raw ingredients. No worries, the cost of the machine will rapidly be ???, considering the price of the products you usually purchase.

    Making cosmetics at home manually can also lower the costs in theory, however it is often difficult to avoid making quite large quantities, and beware the the safety of such handmade products!

  • I would like to combine several capsules of active ingredients in some products. Is it possible?

    It is, you just need to choose an additional active ingredients capsule when the screen asks you.